8 April 2013

Wireless, GPS, GSM and Mobile Communication Project Ideas

Wireless, GPS, GSM and Mobile Communication Projects

1.    SMS based Device / Home Equipment Control System
2.     Remote Motor Speed Control using Cell Phones
3.    GPS Based traffic Monitoring system
4.    GPS Based Fleet Management System
5.     Implementation of Mobile / Cell Phone Jamming systems Design
6.    Intelligent Security System for industrial Surveillance with GSM & Auto Dialer
7.    GSM Based Remote monitoring system for Electronic Energy meters
8.    Wireless distributed energy billing system using GSM
9.     HNet  - a Home Networking System with Mobile Communication
10.                       Distance Measuring using Ultrasonic Technology
11.                       An ultrasonic obstacle avoidance system for fire fighting robot
12.                       Secured Wireless Communication with OFDM
13.                       RF Based Wireless Encryption And Decryption Message Transfer System for Military Applications
14.                       Encoding and decoding technique for secured data communication
15.                       On Line Dynamic Code Acquisition For Spread Spectrum Systems
16.                       Single Photon Quantum Cryptography
17.                       Pseudo Random Code modulation based Secured Data Communication.
18.                       Frequency jammer as a life guard
19.                       Frequency jammer as a life guard with WAP

20.                       Energy Efficient Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
21.                       Contact less Measurement Of Emission Of Automobiles

22.                       Remote Monitoring and Control using Mobile phones

23.                       Network enabled Electronic Digital tele-voting machine.
24.                       OFDM Based Wireless Encryption/Decryption of Transfer of Messages.
25.                       Wireless Accident indication Via Vibration Sensors Using RF Technology
26.                       Anti Collision System in Railway Using GSM and GPS - Intelligent Train System with GPS
27.                        GPS & GSM based remote Accident indication System with location indication
28.                        GPS Based Active Fleet Management - Automated Vehicle Tracking system with Dual channel communication system
29.                        GPS based intelligent Guided Vehicle with Collision Mitigation
30.                        Advanced Automatic Vehicle Crash Notification using GSM Technology
31.                        Advanced GSM based Theft Vehicle notification System using Remote Pc
32.                        Advanced remote accident report system for highways using GSM network & PC
33.                        GSM based advanced home / industrial automation controller system
34.                        Cell Phone Jammer - Implementation of Highly Effective Mobile / Cell Phone Jammer
35.                       prepaid electricity system automation with contact less proximity card & card reader

36.                       A Control Design for Vehicle Speed using Wireless Communication Technology
37.                       Automatic Vehicle Register System for Highways on Toll plazas
38.           Tracking Moving Person's Location (Position) Finder In Multi-Story’s Building / Complex / Hospital / Industry using System Networking
39.                       Home/Industrial Automation using GSM With Voice Feedback.
40.                       Smart palm device for industrial parameter Monitoring System using RF
37.                       Control of substation  equipments thro mobile phone.
38.                        Mobile Password Activation System for industrial applications
39.           Tracking Moving Person's Location (Position) Finder In Multi-Story’s Building / Complex / Hospital / Industry using System Networking
40.           Embedded system based highway monitoring system and control

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