22 July 2013


Process Control, Instrumentation and Fuzzy Logic Projects

  • Power Distribution Management System using WAP
  • Virtual instrumentation for temperature controlled loop
  • Pc based attendance cum visitor management system
  • Micro controller based Boiler Management System
  • Priority Indicators in Alarm Annunciators
  • Multi Channel Voltage Scanner with SCADA
  • Micro controller based Position Control for Stepper Motor
  • PC Based Programmable Temperature Controller for Furnaces
  • PC Based Programmable Temperature Controller for Cement Plant
  • Temperature and Humidity Measurement System for Agricultural Applications
  • Wireless Parameter monitoring on Irrigation systems
  • Micro controller Based Multichannel PID Controller for temperature
  • Micro controller based Dedicated PID Controller for Temperature
  • PC Based Pollution Tester for Vehicles with WEB CAM Interface
  • PC Based Pollution Tester for Vehicles with CO Analyzer
  • Fuzzy logic based DC-DC Converter using 8 bit Microcontroller
  • Application of Fuzzy Logic in intelligent Traffic Control System
  • Automatic Control of Bottle Filling System using PLC with Conveyor Mode
  • Control of Boiler Turbine Unit Based on Fuzzy Logic System
  • Development of man machine interface using SCADA Package
  • Fuzzy logic based Speed Control of AC Motor Using Microcontroller
  • Implementation of Vehicle Collision Avoidance System Using Fuzzy Logic
  •  Ultrasonic based Distance Monitoring and Fuzzy based Collision Avoidance
  • PLC based Automatic Boiler Management
  • Intelligent guided vehicle for collision prevention
  • Fuzzy Logic based Collision Prevention for vehicles
  • Intelligent Application of Fuzzy Logic in Automatic Train Speed Control System
  • Fuzzy logic based Traffic Control System - A Replacement strategy
  • Automatic Temperature Control using Fuzzy Logic
  • Automatic Valve Control using Motors with Fuzzy Logic in Process stations
  • Brightness Control System by Lamp Dim / Bright Illumination inside city areas
  • Automated weigh load cell / Commercial weighing system
  • Automatic anesthesia controller using infusion pump with heart beat rate
  • Automatic Toll Gate Opening / closing with vehicle details logging
  • Batch weighing & automation system using conveyors
  • Fault Identification (Annunciator) using Embedded System
  • Categorized Alarm Annunciator using Embedded System with controls
  • Categorized Alarm Annunciator with Voice using Embedded System with controls
  • Multi-Parameter Measurement System and Control with Graphs
  • Best operating point tracking/Positioning of the solar cell power supply system
  • Smart Solar Tracking System for Optimal Power Generation
  • Solar power for automatic water heating
  • Solar energy for Electrical Applications
  • DAS and Remote Control through Internet
  • SALVO RTOS Based Data Acquisition System and control with PC Interface
  • SUN SAIL - Tracking Elliptical Path Of The Sun
  • Solar Air Heating System
  •  Solar Water Heating System
  • Automated car parking system
  • PC based electronic weighing scale with set point
  • Bluetooth Enabled Advanced Data monitoring and control using Hitech C
  • PLC for bottle filling station with conveyors
  • Embedded System Based Automatic Furnace Control for Improvement Of Hardness On Materials
  • Design of Digital Cryogenic Temperature Controller
  • Micro controller Based Standalone Temperature Measurement System
  • Micro controller Based Ultrasonic Pulse Detector
  • Pc Based Flow Control and Level Measurement in Petrol Bunks
  • Pc as a PID Controller
  • Smart solar tracking for optimal power generation
  • Pc based Wireless Weather monitoring System

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